Ryan-O Dock Rollers are wonderful! As General Manager of a 150 slip marina for 4 years, I have witnessed the peace of mind that Ryan-O Dock Rollers give my slip renters. We have nearly 300 rollers in the marina, some for as long as ten years. Besides the protection they give the boat owners, I like them because they protect my marina. I even use the dock rollers on the entrances to our gas dock.

Ryan-O Dock Rollers make it easy on everyone which helps make boating a more carefree experience. Ryan-O Dock Rollers represents a true win-win for everyone. Their knowledgeable staff, prompt customer service and attention to detail are a welcome bonus. Thank you very much for the first rate product and service.

Judy Florida
General Manager, Harbor's View Marina


These videos were filmed at Grand Lake in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with wind speeds between 20-25 miles per hour. Would your boat pass the test? Click on a link to watch a clip. To save a clip to your hard-drive, right click on the title, and select "Save Target As..."

Video 1: Approach and Collision Demo

Video 2: Approach and Dock

Video 3: Extended Approach and Dock

Video 4: Launch from Dock

Video 5: Approach and Collision Demo 2

Video 6: Dock and Bounce

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